Minutes from AGM 21 June 2014

July 15, 2014






Present: Steve Vick, Rich Bamford, Pete Owen, Dave Johnson, Rob Halford, Steve Thompson, Tom Potts, Andy Potts, Rob Nicholson, Warren Dickens, Mick Dickens, Simon Kempson, Dave Auger, Dave Edgell, Adrian Francis, Sarah Moore, Richard Moore, Ann Dean, Chris Dean, Lee Hickinbottom, Tabatha Knott, Charlie Dickens, Colin Chedotal, Mick Lewis, Brian Hughes.


1.         Steve Vick opened the meeting and thanked all present for attending.


2.         Apologies were received from Steve Butterworth, Allison Byers,

            Rich  Carter, Ray Cook, Stephen Leary, Carlton Wilkin


3.         The minutes of the 2013 AGM were agreed.


4.         There were no matters arising.



Steve thanked Pete for the excellent work done throughout the season  and the hard work done by Committee members. He also thanked Tom Potts for organising the successful Facebook page with its increasing membership.


Steve stated it had been a positive season on and off the pitch; the Club is steadily growing. He also referred to the successful away trips (including Crystal Palace) with European trips to look forward to next season.


Allison Byers and Pete Owen:


Pete referred to the written report – see attached




Pete referred to the account and balance sheet. The surplus this year amounted to £2,274.34. This sum will increase the Bonus Saver Account to  £10,521.17; £400 is to be kept in the current account to deal with future donations and expenses.


The £100 donation refers to sponsorship of Marie O’Connor’s run in aid of Everton in the Community.


The Committee will determine the travel price for next year taking into account the travel surplus which amounted to £1,465.




It was agreed the Club Rules should be amended to include a procedure for the election of Committee members (see attached).




Eight nomination forms had been received. Pete notified the meeting that Allison did not wish to stand for re-election to the Committee due to personal reasons.


The meeting decided to create the position of General Secretary to deal with travel, tickets, membership and money instead of having separate positions.


Chris Dean was proposed and seconded at the meeting to fill the vacant position. There being no other nominations the elected committee members for 2014/15 are;


Steve Vick –              Chairman

Rich Bamford –        Vice-Chairman

Pete Owen –             General Secretary

Chris Dean -             Committee

Warren Dickens –    Committee

Dave Johnson –      Committee

Simon Kempson -    Committee

Tom Potts –               Committee

Steve Thompson – Committee


9.         Any Other Business:


Chris Dean asked that all persons travelling with the club be reminded to make their way back to the coach as soon as the game has ended.


Chris also raised the issue of pricing for group travel; they are put off by the cost when it would be cheaper to travel by car. Pete mentioned that he has offered member rates and reduced prices for children previously and asked for flexibility to do this again in the future. The meeting agreed. 


Adrian Francis offered his services to get involved with the club website and Twitter. The meeting agreed; Adrian will speak to Tom Potts and Jamie Griffin. Warren mentioned there are currently two Facebook pages which does get confusing – one needs to be removed. Tom stated there was a link from one to the other.  Adrian and Tom to action.


Richard Moore raised an issue with the coach seating arrangements. He does work nights and if he is unable to sit next to Sarah he quite often “falls asleep on a stranger”. Pete stated the size of coach depended on how many people had booked on and reminded the meeting he needed to notify Johnsons at least one week before the game to ensure there is more than enough seating.


He also stated he does not want to prepare a seating plan unless the indication is the coach is likely to be full. We need to remember there can be up to nine pickup points starting from Leamington Spa through to Keele Services.


The meeting asked that each individual bears this in mind in the future - does anyone really want Richard Moore falling asleep on them?


Meeting Closed.



A Committee Meeting was held immediately after the AGM;


The coach prices for home games is reduced for adult members who book in advance to £15 and £9 concessions. The prices for members who do not pre-book and non-members are to remain the same. For away games the club will operate a breakeven policy which will be reviewed throughout the season.


Johnsons’ prices have increased slightly but will again be the preferred company to provide transport to home premier league games. For home cup matches and all away games we will first ask Lee if his company can provide transport.



Click here for Word document of the Minutes


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