August update

July 19, 2018

Hi All


I’ve attached the travel newsletter for next month – just the one home game at the moment versus Southampton on 18th but there could be a League Cup game in the week commencing 27th August. If it’s at home then we will be looking to put on transport, if it’s away then transport will depend on interest and ticket allocation.


I will not be going to the Southampton game – all queries regarding travel, etc can still be made to me except on the day itself when the point of contact will be Steve Vick on 07802 983131. If anyone one wishes to book a seat and/or ticket then please get in touch as soon as possible. Please let me know if you are a season ticket holder who will not be attending and would like me to try to sell their season ticket.


At the AGM last month the meeting agreed to vary rule 9 of the Travel Rules which now reads;

“Any advance booking for home travel may be cancelled by notifying the appropriate Travel Secretary not later than 8.00 pm on the day, five days prior to the date of travel. The fare can then either be refunded or be allocated to a credit for another coach booking.”


The change is to the number of days by which any cancellation needs to be notified – previously it was two days – now it’s five.


Anyone cancelling during the five days prior to travel will need to be conscious of rule 10 which reads;

“Any advance bookings for home travel cancelled after the stated time will be liable to a cancellation fee of 50% of the fare paid; the remaining 50% can be refunded. Any person who has booked in advance but does not turn up on the day is liable to a cancellation fee as stipulated above. The Travel Secretary, after giving consideration to the circumstances of any cancellation or failure to turn up on the day, will be allowed discretion as to whether to allow a full refund or credit.”


For away travel, in place of the 50% mentioned above, read 100%.


The meeting agreed with the secretary’s view that only a 53 seater will be booked for a weekend home game – this is due to the number of  people cancelling last season. If more than 53 want to travel for a particular game, a reserve list will be created for the additional number who can then be allocated a seat once there’s a cancellation.


The meeting was also reminded of the wording in rule 5 of the Club Rules;

“All members shall conduct themselves in a responsible manner when travelling with the Club.”


A copy of the full minutes and amended rules will be sent out in due course but I also need to mention here the change to the concession criteria. From the start of the coming season the concession rate will apply to Juniors (Under 16), Full-time Students, those aged 65+, or those in receipt of unemployment benefits and/or (those) waged up to sixteen hours per week. At the discretion of the committee this could, and most likely will, include those under 65 who are retired through ill-health. However, it does not include those in receipt of a work-based pension under the age of 65. The committee will review this year on year. Please speak to me in confidence if you have any concerns about this change.


A committee meeting was held after the main meeting, the following was decided;

  • Johnsons will continue to be our coach provider for home league games next season

  • Even though Johnsons has increased its coach hire prices by around 3%, we will not be increasing our travel prices - they will remain the same as last season. Travel prices will not be reviewed again until the start of next season

  • It was agreed there will be no concession fares available for mid-week games (i.e. Monday to Friday inclusive)

  • Away tickets should be paid for in advance


Away Tickets:


The number of tickets we get for an away game will depend on the number of qualifying season ticket holders we have. If all of them want to attend a particular game then we will not have any spares for that fixture. We’ve had an arrangement with two other Supporters’ Clubs for the last couple of seasons; if they’re short of tickets, we try to help them out and vice versa. This all depends on the number of qualifying season ticket holders who are not going to a particular fixture. We do not get any additional away tickets just because we are an affiliated Supporters’ Club.


Wolves – 11/08/18 – 17:30:


As you’d expect, demand is high – I’ve added everyone who has contacted me to the list – it is not yet known how many we will be allocated but, as already mentioned, if you are not a qualifying season ticket holder it will come down to the number of spares we will be able to get. As it’s a local game, we will not be providing transport.


Bournemouth – 25/08/18 – 15:00:


Due to the size of the ground, Everton was allocated 1305 tickets for this game last season – we received thirteen. If anyone is interested in a ticket and/or travel then please let me know asap. If you think you might qualify for a ticket and will not be going to the game, then I’d be grateful if you’d let me know as well.


Please let me know if you’d like any of the above clarified or alternatively contact me or a member of the committee if you have any concerns – full contact details for all the committee members are included in the travel newsletter.








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